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Investment Management

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we provide discretionary investment management to business owners, high income individuals, and retirees. We invest primarily in exchange traded funds (ETFs) and options; however we do invest in individual stocks, individual bonds and alternative investments (such as rental properties.) We are able to use the options to “tame” market volatility. We make all the investment decisions and execute the strategy developed with our clients. This is a fee only service.

Plan Ahead Spending®

Do you find your monthly spending habits are a source of stress? They shouldn’t be! Plan Ahead Spending® helps people, especially couples, eliminate this problem. Working as your financial partners, we analyze your spending history, then work together to tailor a spending plan just for you. This service is designed to help anyone who wants to do better with their spending. Most importantly, couples tell us Plan Ahead Spending® lifts the burden from their relationships. Plan Ahead Spending® will improve your finances and significantly reduce your stress about money.

Financial Consulting

This is a fee only service that is designed for clients who have specific planning needs. We will develop a plan to meet financial goals such as, college funding, retirement, debt reduction, and large capital investments. Some clients just want us to give them a second opinion on a plan they have developed or one that some other advisor has developed.

Insurance Counseling

Paul is a licensed Insurance Counselor in the state of Texas. This license allows him to analyze life, health and disability insurance programs. He can determine the need for insurance, analyze proposals for new insurance, and analyze in-force ledgers on existing policies. Many people invest a lot of money in their insurance programs, but unfortunately they are not reviewed often enough to make sure they are not paying in too much premiums or perhaps not paying in sufficient premiums to keep the policies in force. Paul can review your program and make sure it still accomplishes your goals. This is a fee based service.
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Help is available.

Do you ever feel like your finances are out of sorts? Would you say you're in poor financial health? Or, do you simply feel like you are spending too much? Let us help. We are Spending Doctors®. We help people get their finances to a healthy place. In many cases, their unhealthy financial situations infect their marriages and become a recurring source of pain.

To deal with the pain, some may look for resources and plans on the internet that attempt to heal those problems caused by poor spending habits. But, just as with diets… few find they can stay on the plan. Sadly, most people do not do the work necessary to repair their financial problems without a little help. They might do the work if they just had a partner. A qualified partner can be all it takes to cure the problems and ensure that those unhealthy practices don't resurface over time.

As Spending Doctors®, we start by helping you learn ways to manage your spending, helping you live within your income and reap the benefits of good financial health.

The cure is called Plan Ahead Spending®. We analyze your spending history then we work together to tailor a spending plan that addresses your specific issues. Our treatment plans include:

  • Wellness Checkup - We review your financial situation and give you a report on your financial health.
  • Wellness Monitor -We develop a spending plan for you and we implement and monitor the plan.
  • Emergency Services - If you find yourself in a lot of debt, this might be the plan for you. Clients who need this service usually have marital problems as well - problems resulting from their unhealthy financial practices. They desperately need help. Our help transforms their finances and sometimes it transforms their lives as well.
  • Retirement - Lastly, we help those who want us to pay bills and manage their finances. This can be those who simply are tired of the routine tasks of paying bills and managing their finances, or someone who cannot manage their finances due to dementia or some other reason.
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