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Investment Management

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we provide discretionary investment management to business owners, high income individuals, and retirees. We invest primarily in exchange traded funds (ETFs) and options; however we do invest in individual stocks, individual bonds and alternative investments (such as rental properties.) We are able to use the options to “tame” market volatility. We make all the investment decisions and execute the strategy developed with our clients. This is a fee only service.

Cash Flow Management

This service is designed to help people live within their income. In other words, we develop a cash flow management plan (“spending plan”) that makes sure expenses do not exceed income. Through this process we will structure debt to be repaid over a reasonable period of time. This is a fee only service. This service works very well with retirees who do not want to or are unable to handle their own finances. Their bills are sent to our office, we print checks when necessary and send them to either the client or the person responsible for their affairs. This service has provided significant relief for family members responsible for them.

Financial Consulting

This is a fee only service that is designed for clients who have specific planning needs. We will develop a plan to meet financial goals such as, college funding, retirement, debt reduction, and large capital investments. Some clients just want us to give them a second opinion on a plan they have developed or one that some other advisor has developed.

Insurance Counseling

Paul is a licensed Insurance Counselor in the state of Texas. This license allows him to analyze life, health and disability insurance programs. He can determine the need for insurance, analyze proposals for new insurance, and analyze in-force ledgers on existing policies. Many people invest a lot of money in their insurance programs, but unfortunately they are not reviewed often enough to make sure they are not paying in too much premiums or perhaps not paying in sufficient premiums to keep the policies in force. Paul can review your program and make sure it still accomplishes your goals. This is a fee based service.
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Paul Schnitman

President, Investment Advisor
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Kyle Schnitman

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