Plan Ahead Spending®

There are times when we all need someone to be our discipline. You may feel your spending is out of hand and you need a little help bringing it back to a place that will result in you reaching your long-term goals. Or perhaps you find yourself in an unhealthy financial situation. Maybe financial stress is causing conflict in your marriage and you could use some assistance to reverse that stress.

You are in the right place. We are Spending Doctors®. We help people take control of their spending, live within their incomes, and get to a place that is financially healthy.

We can help you, too.

As Spending Doctors®, we become your partners. We begin by analyzing your spending history, then work together to tailor a spending plan just for you. By applying the principles of Plan Ahead Spending®, we help you get on track to reap the benefits that come from a healthy financial lifestyle.


Plan Ahead Spending® is like a cure for unhealthy spending habits. As we analyze your spending practices, we craft a spending plan that eliminates many of the habits that amount to unhealthy behaviors. Our treatment plan options are:
  • Wellness Checkup - They just want us to tell them how well they are doing financially. They might come in only once, or once each year, or when they feel they need us. These clients generally do really well with their finances.
  • Wellness Monitor - These clients want us to develop a spending plan and then implement and monitor the plan. They think they are spending too much, but they do not have that much debt and their finances are not completely out of control.
  • Emergency Services - These clients are in a lot of debt, they usually have marital problems, and they desperately need help. We have to put them on a strict treatment regimen, and we have to take full control of their finances to get them straightened out. It can take several months to get the plan working depending on how well they follow our instructions.
  • Retirement - These clients are tired of paying bills and managing their finances, or they simply cannot manage them due to dementia or some other ailment. Many times their children are not willing to help them with their finances or are simply not able to help them.


  1. Download your account transactions for all your checking and credit card accounts
  2. Sort and analyze those transactions to determine your income and "fixed" expenses
  3. Develop a spending plan tailored specifically to you
  4. Provide an overview of the plan, including a list of "fixed" expenses
  5. Guide you through the implementation of the plan
  6. Monitor your progress monthly - the plan constantly projects your cash flow 12 months ahead
  7. Adjust the plan as needed due to inevitable life changes


  • Do you keep a checkbook register or any kind of record that helps you know how much you are spending?
  • Do you know how much money you need for the next month, (much less for the next year)?
  • Do you have any money saved up to pay for Christmas gifts, vacations, or large unexpected expenses?
  • Do you realize you are spending more than you earn if you carry a balance on your credit card?
  • Do you realize that many marriage problems are the result of one spouse thinking the other spouse is spending too much money? Do you realize that unhealthy financial habits cause stress in a marriage?

If you answered "no" to these questions, the Plan Ahead Spending® program may be the solution to some of your problems.


Plan Ahead Spending® is a system that identifies your fixed expenses and identifies how much money is left for discretionary spending. The system guides you so you can see your spending for the next year (or more) into the future! Then, the system helps you define a personalized plan for how much money you want to spend and how much money you want to save. And finally, Plan Ahead Spending® can eliminate those pain points and stressors in your marriage that come from unhealthy financial habits.