Controlled Spending = Less Stress

Control Spending and have a Less Stressful Life

If you are like most people, you have no idea of how much you are spending each month. We have a great system for determining how much you spend on “fixed expenses” (eg. loan payments, mortgage, utilities, insurances, etc) then giving you the amount you can afford to spend on “discretionary expenses” (eg. clothing, groceries, gas for vehicles, haircuts, travel, etc).  You pay your fixed expenses from one account, and your discretionary spending comes from a separate account (or two if you are married, one for each of you) using a debit card and/or cash. 

Our plan gives you peace of mind that your finances are in control. Finances can be a cause of stress in most relationships and this plan generally results in a better marital relationship.

Controlled Spending = Less Stress.

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