Does Your Health Insurance Cover Air Ambulances or Air Transport?

I recently looked at my Blue Cross Blue Shield policy under “Ground and Air Ambulance Services” section and we are covered up to $1500 per year per person.  My policy says “to the nearest hospital”.  We had to fly my mother from Florida to Texas after she broke her hip and it cost $12,000 several years ago.  My mother lives in Texas and did not want to stay in Florida for her rehabilitation.  Medicare does not cover that type of transportation nor would my policy.  So, I started looking into air ambulance services.  I found MedJet Assist ( and signed up for their service last year prior to a trip we were taking.  The cost for my wife and I was $395 per year.  You can read through their material, but as long as you are hospitalized more than 150 miles from your home, they will fly you to another hospital of your choice from anywhere in the world. Now, this does not cover you if you are in an accident and a helicopter flies you to the nearest hospital, but it would cover you if don’t want to be treated at that hospital and want to go to another once you are stabilized.  Of course, you need to read through all of their material.  I mainly was interested in this membership in the event I was in another city either in the US or abroad and wanted to get back home to be treated there.